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Sidas products are suitable for all kinds of sports, particularly top-level sports.


Different athletes tell us what they think of them. 


S Fourcade.JPG

Simon Fourcade


4 times biathlon world champion junior, and he is currently 13th in the overall World Cup ranking.

He is equiped with Sidas Custom ski insoles for biathlon, and has Hotdryers to warm his ski boots. He also wear the 3Feet Sofa sandals for everyday life.


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Marion Rolland portrait.jpg

Marion Rolland


World champion in downhill skiing in Schladming in february 2013.


"Thanks to all the Sidas team to take care of my feet".


She wears heating insoles with Pro batteries, as well as Classic Flex injected liners to get more and more precision.


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portrait athlète.jpg

Sophie Rodriguez

The French pro-snowboarder masters Half Pipe, and won many World Cups and X Games competitions.


She is equiped with Sidas Custom ski insoles.


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tony ramoin.JPG

Tony Ramoin

Bronze medal in the 2010 Olympics games of Vancouver. 


"Sidas has found the solution to my foot problems. The Custom insole means I am more precise and most of all, I don't have sore feet any more!"


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portrait Guilbaut.jpg

Guilbaut Colas


Currently 2nd in the final classification of the 2009-2010 World Cup.

12th in Single Mogul Skiing in 2009.


"For me, having tailor-made boots is essential.Thing's for sure, I depend on my Sidas boot liners and insoles."



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Xavier Bertoni

Xavier Bertoni


2nd in the World Cup Halfpipe classification.
Bronze medal in the 2009 World Championships.


"I ski in winter and summer, they retain the same shape, and they continue to support my feet just as well. They're my winter slippers!" 


Xavier Bertoni wears Sidas Classic Flex liners.


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maurice manificat2.jpg

Maurice Manificat


In 2012, he wins the silver medal during the World Cup in Canmore, in the skiathlon cmpetition.

In 2010, he obtains the best overall ranking during the World Cup : 5th.




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SHERPA d 2.jpg

Dawa Sherpa


Winner of the UTAT (Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal), and of the Ecotrail (Haute-Savoie) in september 2012.


Dawa Sherpa is equiped with Sidas Custom Run insoles. 


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Marie m 150 .jpg

Marie Marchand-Arvier


Silver medal in the super-G on 3 February 2009 in Val d'Isère 


"I like thin socks because they allow you to be very precise and provide optimum sensitivity."


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Polo Delerue

Polo De Le Rue


"Therefore my feet have never been as well supported as they are in my Conform'able boot liners; and in addition to better precision, I am now so much more comfortable! So I think that these boot liners are just as essential for freestyle and freeriding as they are for boardercross." 


The French snowboarder wears injected liners.


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X Delarue 150.jpg

Xavier De Le Rue


Runner-up in the 2009 World Championships.
He also won the Freeride Tour in 2010.


"I've been using injected liners in my snowboarding boots for around ten years already. I have never found another product that gives me foot support without having to tighten my boots excessively."


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Laure Barthélemy 150.jpg

Laure Barthélémy


2008 junior ladies world champion in Malles Venosta.
In the World Cup she finished in the top 10 three times from 2008 to 2010.

"I use Conform'able products every day, for both skiing and running. They are fantastically comfortable and give me maximum protection against injuries such as ankle sprains."


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Sebastien Michaud


Runner-up in the 2008 Freeride World Tour. 


 "I am convinced I've gained in precision and comfort with Conform'able insoles tailored and shaped to my feet. They feel like you're wearing slippers." 



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Christophe Vissant 150.jpg

Christophe Vissant


Christophe has run 40,000 km in 7 years.
In 2009 he ran 5,692 km.


"When I ran from Aubagne to Athens, through 9 countries, covering 75 km a day for 38 days, I really appreciated just how COMFORTABLE my Conform'able insoles were." 


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Maxime Tissot 150.jpg

Maxime Tissot

Finished 5th in the slalom at the 2009 French Championships in Lélex-Crozet.
He is currently 36th in the 2010 Slalom World Cup provisional classification.


"Pro Form has made my feet feel much more comfortable and safer. Now I'm no longer worried about putting on my boots for hours on end and the risk of getting lumps on my feet." 


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