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Our Technologies

Your foot has its own morphology (size, volume, shape). Has your foot already complained? Maybe not... but you have. (ouch, a sprain!!!)
We often hear of feet described as normal, hollow or flat. There is however
a whole range of combinations of size, volume and shape.
Each foot leaves a footprint that is absolutely the only one of its kind in the world.

So, why are they all pushed into the same mass-produced shoes?


Sidas technologies meet the needs of every foot and personalize your footwear for your comfort and performance.


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ALL Techno silitène2.jpg

Silitene gel: a solution to improve your foot comfort.


Sidas proposes a new matérial against blisters.


3Feet technology : a solution for each foot type !


Sidas proposes unique biomechanical solutions, called 3Feet and adapted to each foot type.

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Customised ski boots : the Black Project


A 100% customised ski boot, personnalised by your bootfitter, using the very best of the current technology for your well being.

FF 170.jpg

Flashfit technology 



 The Flashfit technology allows 75% customization of your insoles in only a few minutes. The specialist heats a pre-shaped insole and fits it to your foot. Only part of the insole can be fully customized to your foot, the other pre-shaped part remains unchanged when heated. With Conform’able Flashfit insoles, you have more power, control and comfort.



Custom 170.jpg

Custom technology 


The Custom technology gives 100% customization of your insoles. The specialist moulds and then heats a flat insole. Placed on the patient’s footprint, the Custom insole hugs the shape of the foot completely, providing the best possible well-being.



injecté 170.jpg

Injected liners 



Improve comfort and optimise your performance by using injected liners. This technology consists of injecting PU foam into your ski boot liners. By carrying out this operation directly on the patient’s foot, the technician obtains a liner that is 100% customized to the shape of your foot. You can then get the most out of the snow-covered slopes.



p a chausser.jpg

 3D Ready-to-Wear



For more comfort, pleasure and sensations when practising your sport, use 3D ready-to-wear insoles. The 3D insoles are pre-shaped and adapt to the shape of your foot to provide the ultimate in comfort. The 3D insoles absorb shocks, and prevent rubbing, blisters and fatigue.

thermo 170.jpg

Thermo-moulded liners



Our new liner “thermoulding” technology now lets us fit your liner as best as possible to the shape of your foot. For optimum results, an insole adapted to the shape of your foot and the activity to be practised should be used (Volcano, Flashfit or Custom). The thermo-moulded liner is heated at a constant temperature in a fan oven. It is then moulded into a suitable ski-boot shell for a pre-determined length of time. After a few minutes the liner is thermo-moulded to the shape of your foot.