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Our Studies

A number of studies have been carried out to evaluate our products.

Always looking for ways to improve and innovate, Sidas acquires the resources it needs to offer its customers the very best comfort for all types of feet, all sports and every day.

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The objective of this study, in which 10 healthy adult volunteers (8 men and 2 women) took part, was to determine the effect of wearing thermoformed orthotics with lateral reinforcements on the spatial, temporal and kinematic parameters of the lower limb during walking. The effects of lateral reinforcements are thought to include limiting pronosupination movements of the rear foot. These results may be due to the increase in tactile inputs caused by wearing thermoformed orthotics.


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Running is fundamental to all sports in physical preparation, and the runner population, in general very heterogeneous, will consult a podiatrist. Plantar orthotics have been shown to be extremely effective in lesions caused by running (Eggold, 1981; Kilmartin andWallace, 1994). Furthermore, the wearing of orthotics is thought to increase shock absorption during initial contact (Redmond etal., 2000). The reasons for this population consulting a podiatrist can be categorised into two types: a desire for more comfort, particularly "cushioning"; and pathologies connected with the practice and/or age of the subjects. Two pathologies appear to
account for the majority of consultation requests: gonalgia and calcaneal tendinopathies.
It is in this context that we chose to evaluate the impact in terms of satisfaction, pain, perspiration and perception of stability of two types of thermoformed plantar orthotics.


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Metatarsalgia is the name given to a range of frequently occurring and sometimes very painful foot pathologies of various origins that can result from injury, a vascular problem, osteoarthritic or bone pathologies, neuralgia, bunions (particularly in elderly subjects) and also ill-fitting footwear. In the last four years, these pathologies have accounted for 15% of the reasons for patient consultations in the referring sports orthopaedics centre (638 cases out of 3,659). These patients suffer constant pain from this condition. It was in this context that we decided to evaluate the efficacy of plantar orthotics based on different criteria.


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