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Our partnerships


Our partners play a full part in Sidas's success!

Valued advisors, their feedback and remarks are often a source of inspiration and innovation.


Raidlight was a pioneer of trail running back in 1999, before the sport gained the popularity it enjoys today, and it remains the only brand conceived specifically to meet the needs of trail runners.


Staffed by a team of enthusiasts on the doorstep of prime trail running country, the Raidlight office is perched at an altitude of 1,000 metres in the heart of the Chartreuse Mountains, very close to Grenoble and right next door to Europe's very first Trail© resort, which it co-developed locally. It is here that Raidlight continues to develop ever-lighter products that are practical and different, kitting out trail runners from head to toe (shoes, clothing, equipment, backpacks and accessories) with gear that is increasingly tailored towards their specific needs.


Thanks to its innovations and carefully conceived products, in 13 years Raidlight, established by Benoit Laval, has become the sport's go-to brand.


Approachable, innovative and passionate, Raidlight is now the undisputed key player in trail running in France and around the world. And it has trail running in its genes, going by the mantra "Together, Sharing the Trail Running Experience."


With Sidas, Raidlight is taking the innovation and performance of its running shoes to new heights by incorporating anti-pronation, anti-supination or neutral insoles and rear pads for even more comfort and cushioning.


Click here to see RAIDLIGHT website



 Fi'zi:k : Producer of bike equipment

 Steve Delacruz-Fi'zi:k Designer 

"The fundamental philosophy of our brand is that "comfort is not an option."  We will never make super lightweight equipment that sacrifices comfort. We don't believe a rider should not have to suffer while riding lightweight equipment.

With that said, development of an insole that provided comfort support and customization for our every customer's unique foot shape was an overall goal.

I wasn't satisfied with any of the current brands and technologies in the market so I started researching outside the industry.

Clik here to see Fi'zi:k website

The ski industry has been customizing and fitting boots for quite some time plus a large percentage of skiers know that moldable boot liners are key to getting the best fit.  Searching through the ski industry I found out about sidas and was initially impressed by the diversification of the business with moldable ski boot liners, moldable insoles plus their work in the podiatry field.  Working with such a highly progressive company that was founded on the philosophy of fitting and customizeable molding seemed a natural fit for Fizik.  We feel that the partnership with Sidas is a strong combination, a solid foundation to build our footwear program."





GRAF : Producer oh Hockey equipment

Graf develops skate which are driven first and foremost by fit. They are crazy about the foot and what it can do! That is why they choose Sidas footbeds, they are: adapted to the need of athletes, customized to the foot, specific to the activity, synergized with the footwear, made of the best materials, in the right place.

Click here to see Graf’s website

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Bruno Bornica - BootFitter and Orthopaedic appliance specialist 

"Having comfortable feet is first and foremost about not thinking about it, but you must also wear the right footwear. Choosing the right shoe that fits the morphological parameters of each individual (size, length, shape and stability) is essential.

Don't forget, there are twice as many different feet as there are faces. Consequently, standard mass-produced shoes do not fit everyone's foot arch correctly.
Conform'able therefore offers a solution to suit everyone, offering a whole range of tools and different materials that make it possible to personalise insoles and boot liners 100%.
In my opinion, Conform'able sets the standard, not only because it's been around for so long but also because it is the only supplier to make products for all of the foot's needs.
Customers therefore benefit from more comfort, less tireness and for professionals better performance.

I'm passionate about feet and making them comfortable, and I've been working with footwear since the age of 13. I now have 20 years' experience. 20 years working together with Sidas. Sidas gives me what I need to satisfy my customers; it's a quid pro quo. The strong points of this partnership are above all the quality of the products and their highly developed sense of logistics. Sometimes I am amazed."


Jean Jacque Rivet - Golf BootFitter  


"In golf, having comfortable feet is first and foremost about choosing the right shoe. Playing golf generates forces that destabilise the foot and ankle, and these have to be controlled to optimise the swing. It is therefore essential that you wear a shoe that fits the shape of your foot and suits your swing.

Comfort in golf is therefore about your feet being correctly positioned in your shoes. The solution here is to use insoles that allow the shoe to follow the biomechanical movement in the foot, thereby reproducing the natural foot movement, and to guide the forces transmitted from the feet to the upper body when making the impact with the ball.

Used for more than 10 years by both amateurs and top professionals, Conform'able golf insoles exceed the needs of golfers.
The way the Conform'able insole is made has to give it two advantages: it must condition the foot optimally in the shoe and transmit the energy that will be transferred from the stance to the club (kinetic energy) to propel the ball.

During the swing, the proprioceptive reference point on the first metatarsal head, which at the same time ensures that the first metatarsal head is lowered during the swing, enables the foot to adapt inside the shoe during the eversion and inversion mechanism, the key to maintaining the stance during the swing. 


Biomecaswing and Sidas go back a long way! It started in the 1990s during a meeting with a group of surgeons to find a way to optimise a golfer's stance following certain traumas specific to top-level golf. Since then we've never parted company."



Julian Mills - Bootfitter


"The insoles are the foundations of the ski boot. They provide maximum stability in the boot and limit movement and rubbing, thereby improving comfort and performance. The choice of boot liner is crucial because it is the liner that achieves the right compromise between comfort and performance. Thermoformed liners provide warmth and comfort, while injected liners are designed more for performance and foot support. For most customers, insoles and possibly also liners allow them to enjoy their day's skiing to the full and make the most of the time they spend in the mountains."