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Our solutions to your feet problems

Do you have cold feet ? Do you suffer from a bunion ?

Are you prone to blisters on your feet ?

Sidas products provide a solution to every foot problem.

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Cold feet and Raynaud's syndrome 


Problems of cold feet appear often at low or very low temperatures, when your ski boots are too tight or not suited to your foot type, resulting in pressure points and poor blood circulation and/or Raynaud's syndrome. 


Conform'able solutions for preventing cold feet 

Foot pain 


There are many different kinds of foot pain, and its causes are many and varied. Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis, toe pain, metatarsal pain, black nail or cramp? 


 Conform'able products provide the solution to your foot problems

Problems of blisters on the feet


Blisters form in an area where there is rubbing and dampness, the combination hated by runners with thin skin. Blisters are frequently caused by friction of the foot against the shoe or because the toes rub together.


Conform'able solutions for preventing blisters on your feet


Bunions or hallux valgus


This is excessive deformation of the big toe accompanied by an inflamed, swollen area and is often connected with the shape of the foot and the wearing of poorly fitting shoes.


The Conform'able solution for preventing bunions

Injuries frequently suffered by runners


Knee pain, pain in the sole of the foot, stress fracture?

Conform'able products provide the solution to your foot problems