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Our missions

Our mission is to offer comfort and performance for each foot, for each sport and each day; in the name of all feet.


We design, develop and manufacture technologies and solutions adapted to all feet, all sports and for general wear.


Satisfying patients, athletes and the general public comes from a combination of care, comfort and well-being. Sidas’ mission is to contribute to this goal alongside foot specialists.

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Sidas carries out its research using a global approach, soliciting the help of chiropodists, pedorthists, engineers, doctors, biomechanics, osteopaths and footwear professionals, all of whom have complementary expertise.



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With our experts and top-level athletes, innovation is at the heart of Sidas.
This process, carried out by the Research & Development department, enables tomorrow’s Podiatech and Conform'able products to be developed. These products follow a manufacturing processes that the company fully masters thanks to the capacity of its production site and partnerships formed with industrial leaders.